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We’ve got you covered. Build gives you everything you need to run your business efficiently, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing great service to your customers.

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Our software is built to work for all appointment-based businesses. If you own or manage one of the following business types, we can help:


Massage Spas


Nail Salons


Beauty Salons


Barber Shops

Who we are

Multicultural team reimagining small business software

Our team is composed of both Chinese and American professionals with dozens of years of experience in software development, business management, and marketing. Our experience and our varied backgrounds make us the best team to build tools that bridge the gap between Chinese-owned businesses and American consumers. We believe that all businesses, no matter how small and no matter what language they speak, can be made better with technology. If you choose to work with us you will not only gain more potential customers and higher foot traffic, you will gain a valuable partner in your business. Our number one priority is to make you more money.


Mr. Cheung
Massage Store Owner

Build made my store a great looking website fast. Now our price menu and store photos are available for all our customers to see.

Ms. Lee
Nail Salon Owner

The booking software provided by Build matches my business needs exactly. Nobody else could provide me with this before.

Mr. Gao
Massage Store Owner

We started getting many more positive customer reviews after working with Build. This has helped our store stay competitive.

Ms. Deng
Nail Salon Owner

We have way less no shows now than before we started working with Build. This makes it a lot easier for our staff to manage their schedules properly.

Mr. Lau
Beauty Salon Owner

My staff are reporting fewer misunderstandings with customers after working with Build’s translation services.

Ms. Chen
Massage Store Owner

It’s very convenient to reach Build customer support through WeChat in my native language. I can’t imagine working with someone who doesn’t offer this.

Any questions? Check out the FAQ

For the most part, customers are lazy. They do not want to have to do work to find out what services you offer, how much they cost, and what your business hours are. Having a website makes it really easy for customers to find information about your store, so they are more likely to choose your business over another. It also makes your business look more professional to new customers. Lastly, the platforms that customers use to discover your business, such as Google, reward businesses that have good websites by making them appear higher in search results.

We've built software that allows us to build professional, custom websites faster than anyone else. If you receive even two more customers each month, your website will pay for itself.

In short, yes. And not only will your website show up on Google, but over time your website will help your business appear higher in Google search results. All of our websites adhere to SEO best practices as dictated by Google. We also conduct keyword research and include relevant keywords for your industry, add alt tags, meta tags, and header titles to your page, secure an SSL certificate, optimize your page for a >90 score on Google Speed test and provide continuous updates for an active website.

Studies show that customers hate talking on the phone–they prefer booking appointments online to over the phone. While some customers are calling you to book appointments, you are likely losing potential customers to other stores that already offer online booking. Also, sometimes customers will want to book appointments at times when they cannot make a phone call–maybe while they are on public transportation, or in the office. They could easily book an online appointment from their phone, but they may forget to call you to make an appointment later in the day. Lastly, unlike phone calls, you can accept online appointment bookings at all times, even while your business is closed and while you are sleeping.

Our booking software sends all appointment information to you in your native language. We also send all appointment booking notifications to your phone, so you don’t need a computer or an internet connection to receive them. Lastly, our booking software is highly flexible, and allows us to accommodate all of the scheduling and service quirks of your business.

It’s up to you. We have the ability to accept payment at the time of booking online from your customers, but you can also choose to have them pay in full at checkout.

That’s no problem! Just let your customer service representative know, and we will immediately cancel your subscription and begin the offboarding process. If you are unhappy with the service you have received, we will also issue you a refund.

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